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Civista Standard Overdraft Coverage FAQs

Civista Standard Overdraft Coverage is a bank service that protects your eligible payments and purchases when you do not have enough money in your account by covering the transaction on your behalf up to your available coverage.  Examples include overdrafts resulting from checks, ACH payments or recurring debit card payments.  A standard coverage limit will be automatically assigned to your account.

Coverage does not apply to your everyday debit card and ATM transactions unless you specifically opt-in for our Standard Overdraft Coverage to apply to these transaction types.

As long as you maintain your account in good standing, Civista Bank may approve your overdrafts within your current available Standard Overdraft Coverage limit. Whether your overdraft will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing. Your account is in good standing if you (1) demonstrate responsible account management—such as making regular deposits to bring your account to a positive balance at least once every 30 days (including the payment of all bank fees and charges); (2) avoid excessive overdrafts suggesting the use of Civista Standard Overdraft Coverage as a continuing line of credit, and (3) there are no legal orders, levies or liens against your account.

Please note that the amount of the overdraft plus the Non-sufficient funds (NSF) paid item fee of $32 for each item will be deducted from your overdraft limit. No interest will be charged on the overdraft balance.

You will receive an overdraft notice each time items are paid. The notice will show the amount of the item, check number (if applicable) and the Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) fee. You will need to subtract the fee when balancing your account checkbook.

Overdrafts above and beyond your established Standard Overdraft Coverage limit may result in a check or electronic debit being returned to the payee. The NSF Returned Item fee of $32 will be charged per item and assessed to your account. An NSF notice will be sent to notify you of our actions.

You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive balance as soon as possible and must do so within 30 days. If you are not able to bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days, you will receive a notice from Civista Bank informing you of the situation and your options. If, thereafter, your account has not been brought to a positive balance, we may suspend your account and take other steps to recover the money.

There is no additional cost associated with this service unless you use it.

You will be charged our NSF Paid Item fee of $32 for each overdraft item created by check or through in person withdrawals and electronic transactions.  (For example, up to four paid items in one day will result in $128.00 in NSF fees-maximum per day amount.) To help you manage your account, the total fees you have paid for NSF items (both paid and returned unpaid) during the current month and for the year-to-date, will be reflected on your monthly checking statement in accordance with Federal regulations.

Overdrafts from everyday debit card and ATM transactions will only apply if you opted-in for this service to apply to those transaction types.

The chart below shows the different ways you can access your Civista Standard Overdraft Coverage and indicates whether or not this limit will be reflected in the balance provided.

Accessing your Civista Standard Overdraft Coverage

Access Points Is my Standard Overdraft Coverage Available? Does the Balance Provided Reflect my Standard Overdraft Coverage Limit?
Teller Yes  No
Writing a Check Yes N/A
*Debit Card - Everyday Yes N/A
*ATM Withdrawal Yes No
ACH-Auto Debit Yes N/A

*Note: Standard Overdraft Coverage is only available if you opt-in for everyday debit card and ATM transactions.

If you are a new account holder, you may be able to use the overdraft service 30 days after the account is opened, assuming you demonstrate responsible account management by making regular deposits to maintain your account with a positive balance, and there are no legal orders, levies or liens against your account.

The best way to avoid overdrafts and returned check fees is to manage your account so you don’t overdraw it.

However, if a mistake occurs, Civista Bank offers additional ways to cover overdrafts in addition to our Standard Overdraft Coverage.

Covering Overdrafts

Ways to Cover Overdrafts at Civista Bank Associated Fees
Good Account Management $0
Overdraft Transfer Service 
Transfer from a designated deposit account (savings or another checking)
$10 Transfer Fee
Standard Overdraft Coverage NSF Paid Item Fee of $32 per Item (Maximum of 4 Items per Day per Account)

Civista Standard Overdraft Coverage costs you nothing unless you use it. However, if you would like to have this service removed from your account, please call our customer service department at 800-604-9368.